New Patients

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Best Practice Chiropractic - Entrance

Best Practice Chiropractic – Entrance

Your First Appointment

The purpose of your first appointment is to clarify what the problem is.

Identifying The Problem.

First of all we will take down a medical history which may reveal the background to your current health care needs. After that we will conduct a thorough examination, which may include, postural analysis, orthopaedic and neurological tests and specific testing for misalignment of your spine that could cause compression of the nerves.

Explaining The Findings

Once the examination is complete, you will be explained the findings and an outline of how to get better in the quickest possible time will be given.

Main Reception at Best Practice Chiropractic

Main Reception


Treatment Options

If your problem is not appropriate for the treatment we provide, you will be advised what to do or be sent to another Health Professional.

Treatment can then usually start without delay.

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