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Is your business affected by too much sickness absenteeism?

A recent report released by the Office of National Statistics, has found that around 131 million working days were lost to sickness /absence in 2011. Although the most common reason given for sickness absence was minor ailments such as cough and colds, “the greatest number of working days (34.4 million) were lost due to musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, neck pain and upper limb problems”. (Source the British Chiropractic Association)

Today researchers estimate that up to 80% of adults will suffer acute back pain in their lifetime and 10% will have back pain in any given year. It’s a huge problem –not only in terms of suffering, but work productivity and health care costs. Several studies have concluded that Chiropractic is more effective at treating chronic back pain in the patient’s first year of symptoms than traditional medical care. People who first turned to Chiropractic were 60% less likely to be hospitalised or have surgery, and at the same they spent 85% less on medicines than those who received common GP care.

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