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Your best choice for Chiropractic care, Injury rehabilitation and massage therapy in Brighton & Hove

our services and treatments

Massage Theraphy

 Modern living is stressful, this has a physiological effect on our bodies, and there’s no better remedy in Brighton than one of our Massage treatments such as Relaxing or Specific Sports Massage. We also have a great choice of massage oils.

Chiropractic Clinic

Registered Chiropractor Dr Morten Westergaard provides treaments for people of all ages, suffering with all sorts of ailments and problems, often caused by Joint dysfunction / subluxations. This is a great rememdy for Back Ache, Joint Problems and Muscle Imbalance. 

Injury Rehabilitation

We provide Injury Rehabilitation treatment for patients in the Brighton & Hove area. Whether you need a Sports Massage from a qualified practitioner (often called Deep Tissue Massage), or regular sessions of Trigger Point Therapy, rest assured, our unique approach will get you back to good health quickly.

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