Patient Testimonials and Case Studies

A few words from patients who’ve received Chiropractic Care and Injury Rehabilitation at our Brighton Clinic

Recent Patient Testimonials

Acute Back Pain

My wife had strong back pain. She could not walk. We found this clinic and I have to tell you that Dr Morten Westergaard did a very good job. ‘It is a miracle’. My wife recovered and her back pain was gone without any operation. I recommend this service - it is the best. We are both very satisfied!

Lazslo S
Husband of Chiropractic Patient

Back doing the things I Love

Dr Morten and his team have been amazing. From the prompt response to my intial enquiry, to the personalised care I have received. I found Best Practice Chiropractic because my lower back hurt and I needed relief from the pain. I return because of the holistic care and positve difference it has made to me being able to do the things I love.

Sonia C
Chiropractic Patient

Shoulder and Neck Pain

I highly recommend Dr Morten and the Team at Best Practice Chiropractic in Brighton. I presented with acute shoulder and neck pain and after a couple of X-Rays and some treatment things started to improve. I have been seeing Dr Jack and Dr Morten for a few weeks now and the transformation has been amazing. Best decision I made was to attend my initial consultation. Thank You.

Nick P
Husband of Chiropractic Patient

Exceeded My Expectations

Dr Morten was great. He explained what he was doing and why throughout my treatment. I was referred by a friend and I can say Dr Morten and Dr Jack have exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended! Amazing staff.

Veronica G
Chiropractic Patient

Chronic Back Pain

It was the first me visiting the clinic and I had no hope after suffering back pain for 15 years plus. Dr Jack has done ‘a miracle’ my lower back pain is almost gone! Very professional and friendly.” me being able to do the things I love.

Chiropractic Patient
After suffering pain and discomfort and hobbling about for years. Morten was able to take away not only the pain but also helped me walk properly again. I feel in a sense that he was able to give me my life back. Thank you.

After having had my daughter and carrying her, my back had seized up, after a few sessions with Morten, I was able to wriggle my hips again and dance away! Or as Morten put it, back to normal!

Treatment has helped my neck pain and headaches so much. I just wish my friend had recommended me a couple of years ago.


Case Studies

Lower Back Problem – Jill

“I had a long term problem with my upper and lower back. After having a consultation at Best Practice Chiropractic I haven’t looked back. In my experience the results have been amazing. I am no longer in any pain and I feel energized as well.

Headaches – Valerie

For many years I had frequent headaches which increasingly affected my everyday life. I was fed up taking painkillers and I decided to see a Chiropractor; he found tender spots in my neck that brought on the headaches like turning on a light switch. I started treatment and the results have been amazing!

Sports Injury – Jeff

Two years ago I injured my back in a bad fall while skiing. I went to Best Practice Chiropractic for a second opinion and after a very thorough examination I was explained what was wrong. Treatment started straight away and I made steady progress. I feel great now and am even able to windsurf! I should have come straight away.

Shoulder Problem – Anita

Shoulder pain developed slowly over several years, but it was only when two of my fingers were permanently numb, accompanied by pain and tingling in my arm that I sought treatment. Best Practice Chiropractic was recommended to me but it was my first visit to a chiropractor. After a few treatments, the numbness and tingling diminished. I also had treatment on hip and knee stiffness that I had accepted, in my 60’s as part of the ageing process, but after three months all my symptoms have cleared. My hips and back are more flexible, I can bend my knees easily, and the tingling and numbness and pain in my shoulder has completely gone. I would thoroughly recommend Best Practice Chiropractic.

Hip Pain – Maureen

I first contacted Best Practice Chiropractic because I was experiencing difficulty walking and the active retirement I had anticipated was beginning to look beyond my reach as my left hip and ankle were becoming very painful. Within a short time of starting treatment walking became comfortable and my swollen ankles returned to normal size and my feet felt warm for the first time in years. It is not an exaggeration to say that I feel I have my life back

Arthiritc Pain – Marian

About three years ago I started to get pain in my neck along with extremely painful headaches. After months of seeing specialists, having x-rays and scans I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine. This I was told was the cause for the pain. I had steroid injections in my neck and put on anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers but they had side effects. After my examination at Best Practice Chiropractic I was explained exactly what the problem was and I realised that although I have arthritis, the treatment I had been given was only masking the problem and not treating the cause. I have been having treatment for two months and I am now able to move my neck and head without the restriction I used to have, my shoulders feel loose and my headaches have all but disappeared. I just wish I had known about this treatment years ago.